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Material Science
Polymer Science / Functional Polymers for Multiple Applications
Through research in polymer science, we developed polymerization and modification technologies to control surface quality, shape, and size of polymer microparticles.

Hydrophobic polymer microparticles of several microns in size are adsorbed by the skin, providing a pleasant feeling even in high humidity. This material is used in sweat-absorbing sheets. Amphoteric polymer microparticles, a compound of basic chitosan and acid polymers, have superior neutralization and deodorant effects and are widely utilized as industrial-use deodorant finishing agents.

Surface active polymers are another focal material for us. "OS elastomer" is an amphiphilic polymer comprised of highly cohesive hydrophilic polyoxazoline grafted on silicone. Polymers having various physical properties are developed by changing the ratio of polyoxazoline to silicone. OS elastomer is ethanol soluble and forms favorable elastic film textures. The material is used in hair styling agents for a non-sticky natural style.

We recently developed cellulose derivatives with alkyl and sulfonic groups, which achieve a high thickness of aqueous formulas even in high salt concentration. These cellulose derivatives are used as thickening dispersants for cosmetics, which contain many inorganic functional fine particles, and thickening agents for highly fluid concrete, for which thickness is required under high ionic strength.
Adhesion of hair strands by hair spray polymer Hydrophobic polymer particles for providing silky feeling
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