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Editorial Policy

Editorial policy

  • The Kao Group developed the Kao Sustainability Statement in July 2013 as its global policy on sustainability. The Kao Sustainability Statement clearly defines Kao’s policy of contributing to the resolution of global issues through the Kao Group’s business activities as well as the key areas of these activities.
  • This report (HTML and PDF versions) introduces the Kao Group’s various activities along with detailed performance data in each of the three key areas of Conservation, Community and Culture that represent material issues for the Kao Group.
  • In addition to independent assurance to enhance the credibility of reporting regarding environmental, occupational health and safety data, we also publish third-party opinion from an outside expert to provide objective evaluations of the report.
  • The Kao Sustainability Report 2016 Highlights is also published as a booklet that summarizes representative efforts excerpted from this report.

Scope of reporting

In general, we report the activities of the Kao Group (Kao Corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates as of December 31, 2015). Environmental and social performance data covers Kao Corporation and its subsidiaries. Some data pertaining to employees, such as occupational health and safety data, covers Kao Corporation, its subsidiaries and Nivea-Kao Company Limited.
Exceptions to this have been clearly stated in the text.
In this report, “Kao” means the Kao Group. We have stated the names of individual organizations covered if it is necessary to identify the scope.

Organizations covered

Period covered

Fiscal 2015 (January 1, 2015–December 31, 2015).
Kao’s fiscal year end was changed in fiscal 2012; therefore, the environmental and social performance data covers the period from April 1 to March 31 until fiscal 2011, and from fiscal 2012 covers the calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Data for the period from January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012 is therefore overlapping. Those figures calculated based on a data period other than the above are noted as such.
Some qualitative information includes those of the activities performed in fiscal 2016.

Independent assurance

We have had our reports independently assured since 2003. KPMG AZSA Sustainability Co., Ltd. provides independent assurance for this report covering activities of 2015. Indicators on which assurance is provided are marked with a star (★).

Issuing period

Previous report issued in August 2015
Next report scheduled for issue in June 2017

Guidelines referenced

  • GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines (2012) and Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005) by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • Environmental Accounting Guidelines for Chemical Companies (November 2003) by the Japan Chemical Industry Association
  • ISO 26000 (guidance on social responsibility)
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