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Promoting dialogue with employees

Kao firmly recognizes good employee relations as one of the most important aspects of the company’s corporate culture. In addition to creating various communication opportunities, we conduct an employee opinion survey on a regular basis.

2015 activities
In addition to the Group-wide action plan which was drawn up on the basis of the results obtained in the 2014 Find employee opinion survey, we have also been implemented individual action plans based on discussion in the workplace with regard to issues affecting each Group companies and departments.
On the basis of discussion in Employee-Management Meetings, we have also launched a new initiative. Issues that require ongoing review are identified and the progress made in tackling these issues is verified with employee representatives as a basis for further discussion.


Deepening understanding between senior management and employees

Kao strives to foster understanding between senior management and employees by facilitating various opportunities, both in and outside Japan, for mutual talks, with the objective of developing unity throughout the Kao Group and enhancing employee motivation.
In Japan, we provide an opportunity to exchange opinions whereby, twice a year, the senior management, including the President, explains the company’s current situation and priority issues regarding human capital development etc. to employee representatives and also answer questions from employees. Since 2011, we have called this opportunity the “Kao Forum,” and we are expanding the range of participating companies to include all Kao Group companies in Japan. We also continue working to develop a system whereby each individual employee can participate more proactively in these kinds of communication.
In addition, we hold Employee-Management Meetings, and have formed Employee Welfare Committees, in workplaces throughout Kao Group companies within Japan. In other countries, various opportunities for employee-management communications have been established, such as the Kao European Forum in Europe and the labor union in China.

The Kao Forum


Promoting the development of a highly-motivating workplace environment through the Find employee opinion survey

The Kao Group implements the Find employee opinion survey every two years on a Group-wide basis, with the aim developing a workplace environment in which employees feel highly motivated. The Find survey helps to further enhance areas where the organizational culture and functionality is already strong, and facilitates the identification of weaknesses and areas where response to changes in the wider environment has been slow, so that all employees can work together to realize improvements.
In 2015, besides implementing the Group-wide “Commit to the fundamentals of organizational management with everyone’s involvement” action plan which was drawn up on the basis of the results obtained in the 2014 Find survey, the action plans formulated by companies and divisions following discussion of their own specific issues were also put into effect in a coordinated manner.
The eighth Find survey is scheduled to be implemented in 2016. All Kao employees will be working to achieve a further enhancement of the Kao Group’s overall organizational cohesion.

Questionnaire items for Find

Questionnaire Items for “Find”


Making effective use of the Employee-Management Meetings in reviewing the personnel system

Kao holds Employee-Management Meetings on a biannual basis. At these meetings, employee representatives chosen from the members of the Employee Welfare Committee submit and discuss proposals in relation to issues that have previously been discussed by the Employee Welfare Committee of each office, including issues relating to organization, the workplace, human capital development, and employee welfare policies and systems. To ensure that the discussion does not end at the meetings, issues that require further examination are identified and followed up, with the progress reached being explained and confirmed on an ongoing basis.
Kao aims to build systems for effective discussion that bring employees and the company together to realize improvements in company organization and in the workplace environment.

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