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Kao’s recognition of social issues

Corporate activities are globalizing and the value chain is also expanding globally. With this, environmental and social issues are arising in relationships with business partners in various regions. Environmental destruction in areas such as rainforests that produce raw materials and human rights problems experienced by workers have been reported.
Companies are expected to recognize their scope of influence, uphold laws and regulations not only within their own company but across the entire value chain, and conduct corporate activities responsibly with respect to preserving the global environment and the safety and human rights of employees and workers.

Kao’s approach

To practice the Kao Way, our corporate philosophy, we have established the Kao Business Conduct Guidelines (BCG) as our code of conduct and are working to deepen understanding of them among all Kao Group employees around the world. We position the principle of Integrity, meaning to act in compliance with laws and ethics as well as to conduct fair and honest business activities, as the starting point of compliance. We have also established policies and guidelines on and clearly defined our approach to respecting the human rights of stakeholders and to achieving the sustainable procurement of raw materials, and are conducting initiatives to this end together with our suppliers and other business partners.

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