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Communication with corporate customers

We aim to use close, in-depth communication with corporate customers to improve existing products, facilitate the development of new products, and enhance the quality of service we provide.

2015 activities

In the Consumer Products Business, the scope of the “eco together” activity that Kao has been implementing in collaboration with retailers was expanded in 2015 to include collaboration with government agencies.
In the Chemical Business, while continuing to implement the Training Sessions for Distributors’ New Employees, which are held to help newly-recruited employees at Chemical Business distributors to develop their understanding of Kao products and acquire related know-how, we also began to hold new Information Exchange Meetings.
In the Professional Business, we implement total system solutions aimed at enhancing food sanitation management, and to provide information to medical and nursing care service providers on an ongoing basis.

Consumer Products Business


Kao Customer Marketing Co., Ltd. (CMK) works with retailers (corporate customers) to inform consumers about Kao products and the value they provide, aiming to ensure that even more consumers and corporate customers are satisfied.
To achieve these goals, CMK takes concrete steps to monitor consumers’ purchasing preferences and purchasing activities, implementing in-store merchandising development and planning from a customer-focused perspective, and making effective use of the capabilities of the entire Kao Group to carry out market building and market invigoration.
In addition, to further strengthen the relationship of mutual trust that exists between Kao and retailers, CMK liaises closely with retailers about their strategies and the issues affecting them, offering comprehensive proposals that incorporate measures to enhance supply chain efficiency, and customizing these proposals to meet the needs of individual retailers. As a result of these activities, Kao is building even stronger partnerships with an ever-growing number of retailers.
Starting from January 2016, Kao has switched over to a new system that strengthens the coordinated operation of the Kao Group’s domestic sales subsidiaries. In the future, we will further strengthen in-store merchandising and sales strategies based on precise analysis of changes in markets and consumer behavior through the coordinated efforts of the entire Kao Group.

Collaboration between CMK and retailers

Collaboration between CMK and retailers

  • * SCM: Supply Chain Management


Collaborating with retailers and local government authorities

Kao Customer Marketing Co., Ltd. (CMK) uses in-store merchandising at retailers throughout Japan (which represent one of the most important contact points with consumers) and participation at community and local government events to implement “eco together” activities aimed at encouraging people to “Save water, Save electricity and Reduce garbage.”

In 2015, Kao participated in a total of around 170 environmental events, offering suggestions to about 85,000 consumers on eco-friendly activities that they can carry out in their own homes.
At the 18th Environment & Recycling Fair in Yamanashi Prefecture, sponsored by Kofu City Government and held in November 2015, a quiz format was used to introduce visitors to simple, easy ways to save water and electricity with Kao products. Participants in the quiz were given free samples of Kao’s Ultra Attack Neo liquid laundry detergent, while children received copies of the “Eco Together Diary” to encourage them to get into the habit of not wasting water; in this way, Kao employees shared with visitors to the Fair some ideas about how people can help build a sustainable society. Many of the visitors were surprised, and impressed, by the ways in which Kao products can be used for eco-friendly activities. While the Fair was on, retailers in Kofu City collaborated by holding “eco together” awareness-raising activities in their stores.
Events of this kind, where Kao coordinates collaboration between retailers, government authorities, and Kao itself, are being held throughout Japan. In the future, we will continue to implement “eco together” activities by working closely with local communities.

Environmental communication in partnership with retail stores and the government

Showing how people can be environmentally friendly with Kao’s liquid laundry detergent

Chemical Business


One of Kao’s core businesses is offering chemical products to customers operating in a wide range of industries throughout the world for use as intermediate materials. The main focus of our chemicals business is oleo chemicals (fat and oil derivatives), performance chemicals (surfactants) and specialty chemicals (information materials, fragrances). In this business, Kao has been required to provide corporate customers with prompt information concerning laws and regulations related to products and product safety through supply chains. We are therefore working to promote close communication with corporate customers and sales distributors.


Active information exchange with sales distributors

Kao shares information with corporate customers and distributors, cooperating closely with them.

Cooperation with corporate customers and sales distributors

Cooperation with corporate customers and sales distributors

In light of newly announced and revised laws and regulations related to chemical substances, information transmission within the supply chain is an essential part of chemical substance management, and the role of the sales distributors of Kao products is expanding and gaining in importance in terms of compliance with import and export regulations, sharing information and adjusting delivery schedules following earthquakes and other disasters, and in other respects.
Kao and its key Chemical Business sales distributors continue to share information on an ongoing basis and hold regular meetings to discuss the latest trends in the various international and domestic laws and regulations governing chemical products, and environmental and safety initiatives, etc.
Once every two years, Kao holds Training Sessions for Distributors’ New Employees, for newly-recruited employees of distributors that handle Kao’s chemical products, with the aim of helping them to develop a better understanding of product quality and safety issues and to acquire the specialist know-how they require in order to market these products effectively to corporate customers. In 2015, the training session was held over two days (October 20–21) at Wakayama Plant, with over 80 people participating.
In November and December, 2015, Information Exchange Meetings were held with representatives of leading Chemical Business distributors, to exchange information about new trends in chemical product related laws and regulations, and about environmental and safety measures, etc.
In addition, a new idea was tried in 2015, with the holding of a special Information Exchange Meeting at Wakayama Plant for the persons in charge of order placement at selected Kansai region distributors and the persons handling ordering and order reception work at Kao, at which the participants discussed issues and needs relating to order placement and receipt.
In the future, we will continue to use activities of this kind to foster close communication with corporate customers and distributors.

Training Sessions for Distributors’ New Employees held in 2015

Professional Business


Kao Professional Services Co., Ltd. (KPS) proposes its original professional-use products and solution services to professional customers who require expert cleaning and hygiene management in the areas of food service (food-service and food processing industries), medical support and care (hospitals and nursing-care facilities), and recreation services (hotels, dry cleaners, etc.).
In the food service area, we create a safe, secure, and comfortable environment through comprehensive hygiene management; in the medical support and care service area, we reduce risk of hazards due to infection through expert infection control, and offer an environment for gentler nursing care through a combination of products based on our skin care technology and our diapers for seniors; and in the area of recreation service, we strive for total comfort through cleanliness and the ultimate in hospitality through quality guest care.
Developing and providing effective products meeting individual client needs while reducing the environmental impact, KPS also creates total solutions solving hygiene management issues, delivering “cleanliness and sanitation” operation systems tailored to serve each customer.


Food hygiene management: a total system proposal

KPS collaborates with our food service customers to improve worksite hygiene management in restaurants and food processing plants, creating food safety and security, and comfortable environments through comprehensive hygiene management.
We provide the products as well as hygiene management operation proposals for implementation in the actual workplace. We promote steady, standardized operations based on clear and simple manuals suited to the customer’s site.
We conduct an on-site appraisal according to each customer’s situation, and use this appraisal as the basis for the joint establishment of a new hygiene management framework, through the provision of an improvement system, results verification, and a customized manual.
We also hold on-site hygiene lectures for employees and implement store hygiene diagnostic screenings regularly. We continue to implement measures aimed at realizing an ongoing enhancement of the overall level of hygiene management.

The number of hygiene lectures implemented
Year No. of Lectures
2011 178
2012 174
2013 207
2014 195
2015 219


Implementing infection-control support activities

KPS organized Infection Control Best Practices Program research meetings and seminars to support the activities of professionals engaged in the infection control management at hospitals and nursing-care facilities.
Infection Control Best Practices Program is one of the techniques aiming for improved infection control levels through behavior modifications of medical and nursing staff, by assessing the risks in medical and nursing practices from the perspective of infection control, preparing the protocols with scientifically based solutions and checklists, and putting them into practice.
In 2015, we held 89 Infection Control Best Practices Program research meetings (working groups) for about 1,900 nurses, care workers, and other health and medical professionals from 642 hospitals and 128 nursing-care facilities in 30 areas.
Typical comments from participants were: “The research meeting was a useful method to remind people about the importance of infection management,” “The meeting helped us to realize that there are still problems where improvements need to be made. We will continue to implement these measures.”
Kinki region seminars were attended by 1,146 health and medical professionals from 364 hospitals and 106 nursing care facilities. Participants’ comments: “We learned new information which was very useful.” “The case studies of other hospitals’ poster presentations were very useful. I appreciated having the opportunity to attend.”
To better share information with health and medical professionals of hospitals and nursing-care facilities, KPS also offers study sessions on the proper use of products and prevention of hospital-acquired infections, and exhibit our products at seminars and academic conferences; in 2015, we conducted a total of 369 study sessions and 72 product exhibits.

Infection Control Best Practices Seminar

Product exhibit at Infection Control Best Practices Seminar

Giving a lecture at the Food Safety Workshop organized by Oriental Land Co., Ltd., the company which owns and manages Tokyo Disney Resort

Since July 1, 2015, Kao has been an Official Sponsor of Tokyo Disneyland® and Tokyo DisneySea® Parks. As part of this sponsorship, a presentation with case studies was given on the food safety know-how that KPS and the Kao Group as a whole possess, at the annual Workshop for Food Contamination Prevention held by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. for Disney Resort cast members, chefs, and food preparation staff working at Disney Resort hotels.
Two sessions of the Workshop were held, on September 30 and October 14, 2015, at the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, with about 900 people attending. Kao explained how food can be contaminated, and presented case studies and preventive strategies.
They also explained the importance of maintaining day-to-day awareness for food safety management, as well as forecasting and considering risks in every single process.
As professionals in providing visitors with “happiness,” the participants demonstrated a high level of interest, and took extensive notes. A wide range of positive comments were received, such as “These ideas will help us to maintain the right attitude in the workplace.”
The Workshop provided an opportunity for the Kao Group to share with Oriental Land Co., Ltd. the hygiene management know-how that has been accumulated by KPS, and it is anticipated that this will have made some contribution towards the maintenance of food safety.

Presenting food safety know-how and case studies

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